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Client: Amplify My Business

Role:  Sr. Brand Designer & Sr. UX/UI

Location:  Remote

Request:  Hired to oversee the company's digital presence and design consistent branding across all platforms. Branded and designed a new division, AMB Pro, and oversaw website and product design, and all SOPs for sales reps. Revived the company’s BBB rating from an F to an A- in less than 90 days.


provider of REI leads

Amplify My Business was a company focused on providing motivated seller leads to real estate investors. This was accomplished by running ad campaigns on social media to entice homeowners who wanted to sell their house fast (and usually "for cash"). This same approach was marketed to investors. Sales reps spoke to investors, and investors were given motivated seller leads. This concept is simple in nature but was riddled with errors of execution, back-end fulfillment, and a public reputation that was less than stellar.


The company faced significant challenges in achieving its goals, including a highly competitive market, widespread skepticism and concerns about scams in the REI world, and limited resources to differentiate itself from the competition. Additionally, they needed to build new contracts from the ground up and ensure that potential clients had been educated on the products and services offered before engaging with a sales representative. The company also had an F-minus BBB rating and a reputation for being "scammy". While the reputation of scamming wasn't true, their rating was an indicator of low consumer trust.

I was tasked with fixing these issues. 



To overcome these obstacles, I employed a range of strategies, including convincing the company owners to take a more professional and differentiated approach, rebuilding their BBB reputation, and designing logos that reflected the company's unique services and products.

I also built surveys for investors, designed employee signatures for company email use, streamlined a convoluted process for potential clients, created marketing videos, and designed a new division of the company called "AMB Pro", to be tested by top sales reps.


This process involved creating the "Investor Education Process", a series of informative videos a potential client would need to watch and educate themselves with prior to taking a call with a sales rep. These videos required significant effort and expertise, from producing original scripts to hiring actors and editing footage.


My approach to addressing the company's internal and external challenges was focused on identifying and resolving smaller issues before tackling larger ones. This involved working with management and owners to address the root causes of the company's consumer trust and rating issues, which were linked to an unprofessional public image and over-reliance on sales representatives for education and sales.


To address these issues, I developed a comprehensive marketing strategy that prioritized educating potential investors on the company's products and services. I designed a series of "Investor Education Process" videos that were directly linked to the Frequently Asked Questions, providing potential investors with the information they needed to make

informed decisions. 


The real estate investment industry is plagued by a pervasive echo chamber that values conformity and familiarity over innovation and differentiation. Most companies providing REI leads to investors are content to follow the status quo, mimicking the same outdated and unprofessional marketing strategies that have been in use since the late 90s. To address this challenge, I decided to take a different approach.


Rather than relying on endless text and cluttered design, I focused on minimalism and simplicity. I stripped away the noise and distractions to create a more streamlined and polished aesthetic, while still retaining the original company's unique brand identity. This involved designing custom logos, contracts, and marketing materials that reflected a more

professional and modern look.


By focusing on the bare bones of the big idea, we were able to create an appealing and differentiated marketing strategy that stood out from the competition and attracted more customers. Overall, this approach was critical to achieving the company's objectives and positioning them for long-term success in a crowded and competitive market.


My dedicated efforts and strategic approach yielded impressive results. When I first started working with the company, their BBB rating was an abysmal F-minus. Through a series of targeted initiatives and comprehensive improvements, I was able to completely turn around their rating in less than 90 days.


In addition to developing the "Investor Education Process", the other critical aspect of this project was designing customized contracts that strengthened the company's relationships with investors and protected their interests. These contracts were tailored to the specific products and services offered by the company and were carefully crafted to ensure the company's long-term success.


By focusing on the root causes of their consumer trust and rating issues, we were able to make meaningful changes that directly impacted the company's bottom line. As a result of our efforts, the company's reputation and credibility were significantly improved, allowing them to achieve their goals and grow their business with confidence.

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