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Client: America One Insulation

Role:  Sr. Brand Designer & Sr. UX/UI

Location:  Hybrid

Request:  Hired to create marketing prototypes and assess customer interaction to identify potential areas of growth and weaknesses through the integration of interdisciplinary workflows. Expertly designed, constructed, and sustained the company's website and marketing materials aimed at attracting new customers, playing a crucial role in the company's growth strategy.

America One Insulation

home energy insulation upgrades

America One Insulation was a well-established provider of home energy upgrades in California's San Joaquin Valley. For over two decades, they served the area with high-quality attic insulation, using multiple trucks, crewmen, and various material providers to service a three-hundred-mile radius. They primarily served middle to low-income housing, earning a reputation for their excellent service. Following its success in California, the company expanded to Utah, opening a second branch before ultimately being sold to a larger company on the East Coast.


Although America One Insulation had a strong reputation, there was still an opportunity for growth. Educating homeowners on the value of quality attic insulation was one area for expansion. Additionally, the rise of cheaper and lower-quality competition posed a challenge for the company. Customers were demanding the lowest prices for materials and labor, leading to a saturated market. In response, America One Insulation had to differentiate itself from its competitors and offer something unique to attract customers.


The Energy Education Program was my proposal to the company owners, a simplified marketing approach aimed at educating homeowners about the company, their services, and the advantages of upgrading their attic insulation.

By incorporating the Energy Education Program into its marketing strategies, America One Insulation was able to educate homeowners on the importance and benefits of upgrading their attic insulation. The program provided customers with valuable information on the impact of a proper insulation on energy consumption and savings. To stand out from the cheaper competition, America One Insulation also introduced the "Fresh Start" option, which involved the removal of old attic insulation and replacement with brand-new, high-quality insulation. By offering this option, they differentiated themselves from their competitors and demonstrated their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These new strategies helped America One Insulation to continue to grow and maintain its reputation as a trusted provider of home energy upgrades.


Working closely with the company owner, I developed a new marketing strategy that focused on educating homeowners about the benefits of attic insulation upgrades and fresh starts. The goal was to make homeowners excited about the potential cost savings on their bills, while also creating a more comfortable home environment by reducing their dependence on air conditioning and heating systems. Through a combination of messaging, design, and educational materials, we aimed to showcase the company's expertise and unique approach to energy upgrades, while also highlighting the specific benefits for homeowners.


The Energy Education Program designs were created with simplicity in mind to educate homeowners about upgrading their attic insulation while instilling confidence in the company's superior service and materials. The chosen icons and logos were aimed at attracting homeowners with a direct and straightforward approach, rather than overwhelming them with excessive copy and insufficient incentives to choose America One Insulation

over its competitors.


The result of the extensive marketing and education campaign was a resounding success. America One Insulation was able to differentiate itself from its competitors by focusing on education and simplicity in its marketing approach. Homeowners were attracted to the direct and simple presentation of the Energy Education Program, which not only educated them about the benefits of upgrading their attic insulation but also instilled confidence in America One Insulation's superior materials and services. This ultimately led to an increase in business for the company and solidified its reputation as a top home energy upgrade provider in the San Joaquin Valley and beyond.


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