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Client: ERJ Recovery Services

Role:  Sr. Brand Designer & Sr. UX/UI

Location:  Remote

Request:  Hired to develop a new division aimed at optimizing duplicate payment audits in the grocery sector. Led the creation of the division with a new website, logos, and more. Collaborated closely with executive leadership on branding and campaigns for new contracts.

ERJ Recovery Services

duplicate recovery audit services

As a division of ER Jones Management, ERJ Recovery Services specializes in duplicate payment recovery audits for companies within the grocery industries. Their team of experts analyzes payment records and cross-checks them against other data sources to identify any discrepancies or errors that may have resulted in duplicate payments. Once these errors are identified, they work closely with their clients to recover the funds and streamline their payment processes to prevent similar errors in the future.



Despite the established reputation of ER Jones Management, launching a new division with a new name posed significant challenges for the team behind ERJ Recovery Services. The new division had to work tirelessly to establish credibility and gain the trust of potential clients in a highly competitive and crowded market. This meant developing a solid value proposition, honing their expertise in duplicate payment recovery audits, and demonstrating their commitment to client satisfaction through exceptional service and support.

To ensure that the website and marketing materials effectively conveyed the company's message and services, I had to distill complex ideas into simple, easily digestible content. This required taking a big-picture view and breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts. By doing so, we were able to create a clear and concise message that resonated with potential clients. This approach was reflected in the design of the website, which utilized block designs and a uniform look to simplify the presentation of a large amount of copy. Ultimately, this minimalist and straightforward approach allowed us to showcase the company's services in a way that was both compelling and accessible.



To address the challenge of establishing credibility in a crowded market, I built the ERJ Recovery Services website to focus on how their new division was utilizing its proprietary software. This included a minimalist approach that avoided white noise and focused on the bare bones of the company's concept. I focused on taking a big idea and simplifying it while still offering an aesthetic appeal that felt like the original company. Additionally, I streamlined the convoluted process for potential clients and designed employee signatures for company email use, all while maintaining a polished and professional look.



I collaborated extensively with the new division's owners, taking thorough notes on their company, services, and unique value propositions. These notes were then distilled into concise and easily understandable language, in the form of simple questions, answers, and service outlines. By using a straightforward and streamlined approach, we were able to effectively communicate the company's superiority in the industry.


ERJ Recovery Services' website design is a perfect example of how minimalistic yet powerful design can be. The black and gray and black and white color schemes used for the website provide a sleek and professional look. The big idea behind the website's design was its simple, quick presentation, with the goal of providing a streamlined and easy user experience. While colorful designs can be eye-catching, they can also be distracting.


The website uses a straightforward approach with block designs and a uniform look that reflects the amount of copy that needed to be distilled into marketing practices. This design ensures that visitors can easily find what they're looking for and are not overwhelmed by unnecessary visuals. The clean design and easy navigation complement the company's streamlined recovery audit process, creating a cohesive and professional

image for the company.



The end result of the work I did for the ERJ Recovery Services project was a highly polished and professional image for the company. By creating a more differentiated and professional approach, building their BBB reputation, and designing logos that reflected the company's unique services and products, we were able to set them apart from

their competitors.


Additionally, by streamlining the convoluted process for potential clients we made the entire experience more user-friendly and accessible for all parties involved.


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