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Midway Cinema Course 1 Refund Policies

When a student enrolls in a Maven course or courses through Maven, they are entering into an agreement. This agreement is made between the student and Milan Cucuk. By enrolling in any course offered by Maven, the student acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the following terms as listed below.

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Refund Policy


1.1. Students must request a refund by contacting the instructor in writing 24 hours before the start date of their chosen course. 1.2. No refunds will be issued if there is no formal refund request before the start date of the course.

1.3. This refund policy is non-negotiable.

1.4 Should an extenuating circumstance arise where the student is unable to complete their course after the course has started, a refund may be possible and is determined on a per-student basis between the course instructor and the student, and the student must contact their course instructor as soon as they’re unable to complete the course.

1.5 If a student is unable to complete the course but has not contacted their instructor regarding a refund before the course is complete, no refund will be issued. This policy is non-negotiable. ​


Additional Costs or Materials 

2.1. The only additional cost associated with the courses is a $10 fee to open and use an account for the AI tool named Midjourney.

2.2. Students will be required to sign up for trial accounts for other AI tools, and the setup processes will be covered in Module 1 of all courses.

2.3. Maven ensures that all students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to explore these tools effectively. ​


3.1. Maven courses are designed for artists, curious enthusiasts, and creative professionals. 3.2. No prior experience with creative AI tools or other software is required. 3.3. The courses are tailored to accommodate students at all levels of learning and growth.

Time Commitment 

4.1. Each course is designed for a minimum time commitment of 10 hours or more.

4.2. The time required may vary depending on the course, and students may progress at their own pace.

4.3. Maven acknowledges that students may complete portions of courses at different rates. ​

Access to Course Materials

5.1. Upon full enrollment and payment for the course(s), the Student will receive lifetime access to course materials and recorded live sessions.

5.2. The Student understands that course content is subject to periodic updates and refreshed every 30 to 60 days.

5.3. It is possible that certain tools, techniques, and variables may become outdated as the materials are refreshed.


By enrolling in a Maven course, the Student confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Should any disputes arise in relation to this Agreement, the Parties agree to seek resolution through mediation or arbitration in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which Maven is located.

Please email for any questions or comments.

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