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my leadership is unparalleled

my skill set is exceptional

bears eat beets

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over the last

I’ve developed, led, and executed marketing strategies with a variety of cross-functional teams and stakeholders. I’ve overseen market research, GTM product development, product management, distribution, and analytics. I've built, managed, and retained professional relationships and transformed a company's reputation from an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau to an "A-" minus rating in less than ninety days.


I’ve authored comprehensive whitepapers, nurtured their life cycles, and implemented them to rebrand companies that needed the look and feel of modern aesthetics, giving them a market presence beyond normalcy in their respective fields.


I work hard, both creatively and professionally, and I produce laser-focused results.

10 years of learning

AI Marketing Specialist, (Contract-Hybrid-Remote) 

Driving Brand Awareness Through Compelling Conversations

Available for hire

Specializing in the development of compelling chatbot personas and asset creations that drive customer engagement and sales through innovative marketing strategies. Creating consistent tones, voices, and styles for personas and assets to strengthen a company's messaging and branding across all channels. Utilizing the latest advancements in a variety of artificial intelligence technologies, including OpenAI.

Utah Foreclosure Relief, UT (Remote)

Real Estate Consulting | Marketing Director & Strategic Designer

Sept. 2022 - Current

Brought on board to enhance the company's brand identity, develop the company's website and marketing materials, and drive customer engagement and sales through innovative marketing strategies and effective leadership. Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by fostering collaboration across teams and utilizing multiple marketing channels to achieve organizational goals.

E.R. Jones Management INC, FL  (Hybrid) 

Duplicate recovery audit services | Sr. UI/UX & Strategic Designer

April 2021 - June 2022

Recruited as an independent director, I developed a new division of ER Jones focused on duplicate payment audits within the grocery industries. I led the final stages of the website redesign, emphasizing the simplification of the audit flow and highlighting the speed and minimalism of our services in comparison to competitors. Their clients included WinnDixie, Harvey's, Fresco Y Mas, Publix Supermarkets, Coca-Cola Bottling United, Kaman Industrial Technologies, and Pueblo Xtra International (Puerto Rico).

Amplify My Business, UT (Hybird)

REI lead generation | Director of Communications & Strategy Designer

June 2020 - July 2021

Hired to maintain the company's professional image across all digital and social media platforms. Demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities by managing cross-functional teams and overseeing performance indicators, while ensuring the scalability of the company's services. Authored a comprehensive whitepaper addressing issues affecting marketing efforts, and revived their F- BBB rating to an A- rating in under 90 days.

America One Insulation, CA (Hybrid) 

Home Energy | Sr. UX/UI & Marketing Manager

January 2016 - June 2020

Hired to create marketing prototypes and assess customer interaction to identify potential areas of growth and weaknesses through the integration of interdisciplinary workflows. Expertly designed, constructed, and sustained the company's website and marketing materials aimed at attracting new customers, playing a crucial role in the company's growth strategy.

a decade of refinement




Adobe | Photoshop & Premiere


CRM Fluency


Google Workspace





AI Marketing

Persona development, life-cycling, written management, asset creation & development


Contract Administration

Drafting, reviewing, negotiating, compliance

Cross-functional Leadership 

Fluency in marketing, sales, fulfillment, & back-end dev. work



Analyze, Identify, and Adjust



Fluency in Email campaigns, cold-calling, texting, social media engagement, lead gen. conversion & retention


Marketing Design 

Fluency in B2B and B2C for all stakeholders


Product Management 

GTM strategic design and management


Scrum & SWOT

Fluency in creation, production, and distribution 


User Journey Mapping

Persona Creation & Design


UI/UX Design

Aesthetics, Design, Experience, mobile & PC 

White Papers 

Original copy, distillation, and execution

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AI + Marketing + Design 

Streamline Project Delivery

AI Marketing Specialists automate the content creation process and provide faster turnaround times for marketing projects. This means companies can launch campaigns more quickly and be more responsive to changes in the market in real-time.

Competitive Edge

AI Marketing Specialists help businesses stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest AI technologies to develop innovative marketing strategies, increase customer engagement, optimize sales performance, and maintain strong customer relationships.

Maximize ROI

AI Marketing Specialists help companies maximize their return on investment in marketing and customer retention efforts. They provide personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that drive engagement and sales, as well as maintain strong customer retention for sustained growth and success.

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