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  • Strong leadership and collaboration skills to manage teams and drive results.

  • Adept at developing and executing marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

  • In-depth knowledge of UX/UI design, AI technology and tools to enhance marketing campaigns.

  • Strong understanding of market trends and insights, enabling informed decision-making.


  • Detail-oriented, at times focusing on back-end details that may not always impact sales or retention.

  • Direct communicator when addressing issues with team members.

  • Assertive in expressing thoughts at the appropriate time and place.

  • Lack of direct C-suite experience 


  • Highly skilled in building and leading high-performing marketing teams, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and accountability.

  • Using my expertise in UX/UI design to create a more seamless customer experience across all marketing channels.

  • Leveraging the growing demand for AI-based marketing technology backed by experienced leadership.

  • Experienced in creating and executing marketing strategies that align with business goals, while staying ahead of the curve on emerging marketing trends and technologies.


  • Economic downturns or other external factors will affect marketing budgets and business growth, and force businesses to utilize emerging cost-cutting tools, such as AI-centric technologies.

  • Rapidly evolving technology and changing consumer preferences will make it difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Increasing demand for sustainable and ethical marketing practices will require a deep understanding of responsible marketing strategies.

  • Balancing the need for data-driven decision-making with creativity and intuition in a vastly different world of marketing and directorial leadership.

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